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What is Remote Sensing E-community for Digital imaGe procESsing (RS-EDGES)?

To facilitate on-line and off-line learning and knowledge sharing, this website is created for sharing computer codes, algorithms, systems, products, and publications that support remote sensing observations and applications, digital image processing, and the extraction of geophysical and biophysical information. It is our hope that through co-learning, sharing, and collaborating, an e-community can be built among researchers, practitioners, teachers, and students, which is tentatively named: Remote Sensing E-community for Digital imaGe procESsing (RS-EDGES). By sharing codes, algorithms, products and publications, researchers will disseminate their results more efficiently and learners can save much precious time to avoid re-inventing the existing techniques and models. Furthermore, the collaboration and cooperation among researchers with similar interests can foster future inventions and discoveries.

Initially, we wish to focus on the time dimension of remote sensing optical imagery. We plan to launch the web site in late 2016, and will make an announcement in websites of pertinent societies and email lists. We will send emails to individuals who have conducted researches exploring the time dimension of remote sensing optical imagery. If they endorse this project by offering their computer codes, algorithms, products (datasets, models, platforms, systems) and publications, they will then become the partners of the project.

Project Director: Dr. Qihao Weng
Editor-in-Chief, ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry & Remote Sensing;
Director, Center for Urban and Environmental Change;
Professor, Department of Earth & Environmental Systems,
Indiana State University, Terre Haute, IN 47809, USA.
Phone: 812-237-2255/2290; Fax: 812-237-8029,

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